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    the voice of regional and suburban innovation

  • Australian Venture Consortium


    The majority (well over 80%) of government and private investment into innovation in Australia is for facilities in the capital city CBDs and for Universities.


    As of May 2019, there are hundreds of accelerators, venture hubs and incubators operating in REGIONAL areas including suburbs of the capital cities. Currently all these entities formulate their own specific narrative and individually work to convince the 3 levels of government and prospective sponsors of their value to their community.


    The Australian Venture Consortium (AVC) has been formed to act as an influential voice delivering a consistent and compelling narrative on behalf of the REGIONAL innovation industry.


    REGIONAL is defined as outside the capital city CBDs

  • website of SEVENmile Venture Lab founded by Greg Twemlow


    The experience of forming SEVENmile Venture Lab has included understanding just how much of the total pool of funds for innovation in Australia is directed to infrastructure in the centers of the capital cities.


    SEVENmile has worked very hard to engage with and influence the three levels of Government and we're aware that hundreds of other entities in the Australian innovation industry are trying to do the same work.


    This scenario is why we believe that we need a unified and strong voice advocating on behalf of all regional and suburban accelerators.


    Australian Venture Consortium is an initiative of SEVENmile Ltd, its Founder, Greg Twemlow and Board of Directors comprising Julija McDowell, Mitchell Filby and Cameron Shaw.

  • Australian Venture Consortium (AVC) Charter

    this is a draft Charter prepared as at June 2019 for approval by AVC Foundation Members

  • AVC Membership

    Membership is open to entities and people who work in the innovation sector based outside capital city CBDs.


    Foundation Members

    10 Foundation member entities will form the AVC Governing Council. The fee for Foundation membership is AUD1,000 in year 1 and AUD500 in subsequent years.


    Associate Members

    Associate member fee is AUD250 per annum. Associate Members will have full access to all AVC content and will be invited to participate in policy surveys and to vote on AVC whitepapers.


    Startup Members

    Startup Members can join the AVC for AUD50 per annum. Startup members will be eligible to attend and pitch at AVC events and competitions.

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